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It's with immense excitement that I can officially announce I'm makingnew record!! And it's with immense pride that I can also announce I'll be making it with Grammy Nominated Producer Dave Brainard!! Dave has one foot in the country world, one foot in the Indie/Americana world, and is a hit songwriter on top of being an acclaimed Producer. To read a little about Dave, check out this great piece Rolling Stone did on him earlier this year...


Over the past year I've written over 75 new songs. We then narrowed those down to the best 11 for this record. Half of them will be recorded with my amazing bandmates that have been on the road with me for the past 4+ years, and the other half with some big special guests that we'll be announcing in the coming months...

We'll be splitting the recording between two truly legendary Nashville studios. The first batch of tunes will be done at Sound Emporium (Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Kenny Rogers) and the second half at RCA Studio A (Dolly Parton, Willy Nelson, The Beach Boys). So much magic has been captured at these studios, so we'll hope to channel a bit of that ourselves!! Can't wait to share it all with you.