The Collective

The music industry is in a state of massive flux. The way you make money as a musician is no longer the same, and now it seems like everyone is trying to figure out a new “magic solution” to being a successful artist. Well, one thing I know, and this will never change, is that it all comes down to you, the fans. So I am proposing a change that involves you… I need to actually have you become a partner in my dream. I truly believe it won’t be possible without your help. What do you say?

The Idea
On December 1st, 2009 I launched The Collective. In essence, The Collective is a community of my most loyal fans, friends, and advisors who support my career in it's early stages and reap the greatest returns from its growth. Partners in The Collective provide financial support and creative consultation in return for free access to exclusive cuts of my music, live performances, and the coolest merchandise. “Hmmm,” you're thinking, “this could be cool, but give me some more details.” Wow, we’re totally on the same page. 

The Mission-
To partner with my greatest fans and create an active community to realize and share in the dream.

The Vision-
To create a new model for all musicians to support themselves within a constantly evolving music industry.

The Fundamental Benefits for all Partners…

Oh wait, there’s more!

While these benefits will be universal to the entire Collective, Partnership price will be staggered, and each level of support will come with even greater benefits and greater expectations:

A Say In...

- The direction of individual songs

- The order of songs on an album

- The look and direction of album artwork

- The location of performances

- Lots of other awesome things I can't think of yet

Free Access To...

- Any music and video recorded and released by Jamie Kent. This will often include exclusive releases of live performances and songs only given to The Collective.

The Basic Partner- $25

-Access to the fundemental benefits of The Collective

-A signed copy of Jamie Kent's "All American Mutt" CD

The Associate Partner- $50

-All of the above plus...

- Two guest list spots at any one live performance during the year you become a Partner!

- 10 off any merchandise

The Savvy Partner- $100

-All of the above plus...

-Two guest list spots at ANY live performance during the year you become a Partner!

-25 of any merchandise

So what do ya say?

Will you become a partner in the dream? To join The Collective, and have my unwavering love forever, simply click this handy link below...