Here’s some frequently asked questions, and their respective frequently (and happily) given answers:

Q: So… what’s the skinny here, exactly? 
A: I am pursuing my dream and embarking on a career as a musician! Seeing as I never like to do things in a traditional way, I’ve decided to utilize and innovate a model that will allow fans to support and direct my career from day 1. The culmination of the model will be seen through the creation of the “The Collective”. In essence, The Collective will be a community of my most loyal fans, friends, and advisors who support my career from day one, and reap the greatest returns from its growth. Partners in The Collective provide financial support and creative consultation in return for free access to exclusive cuts of my music, live performances, and the coolest merchandise. For even more details on the exact benefits of becoming a Partner, check out the Collective home page

Q: This sounds pretty cool… are you trying to raise a specific amount of money with this?
A:  I considered setting one goal from the start, but that didn’t seem to really make sense given I’m looking to create a new model to support my career as a musician for the long term, not just one album.  There are so many costs to making a successful career happen. For example, we’ve got the Production and printing costs, the paying the musicians costs, the travel expenses, the promotional expenses (which can really make or break you today), the  legal costs, the web costs, and well, basically, I could go on forever… In essence, by becoming a Partner in the Collective, you are underwriting these many costs, constantly catalyzing my career, and giving us a real shot at making this dream a reality in the very near future. At each stage of my career, the support of the Collective will help to quickly push me to the next level. Up until today, this kind of acceleration has been nearly impossible to accomplish as an independent musician; looks like that’s about to change.

Q: If I purchase a Partnership in The Collective,  is my purchase tax deductible?
A: Sadly, no. While I did go to business school, you should probably ask a qualified tax advisor that question. But they’ll tell you no, because we’re not a not-for-profit organization. We looked into doing that, but couldn’t really get around that little thing called private inurement…

Q: So you’re giving people some pretty cool benefits in return for purchasing a Partnership, but why didn’t you offer them the chance to invest in your album and get a cut of the proceeds when the album sells? Wouldn’t that have been even better?
A: I actually looked into that possibility (it was, in fact, my original plan). But I concluded, with the help of advisors, that it could get pretty hairy, pretty fast. Particularly, the overhead, the legal and contractual requirements, and the potential SEC implications were the biggest complicating factors  In addition, and most importantly, after studying a few examples of companies doing that right now (various Co-ops, sellaband.com, etc…), it became clear that you the people would actually prefer tangible returns on your “investment” such as free shows, a signed album, or an awesome t-shirt, as opposed to a check for $4.37 once a year. Sound right? If that’s a totally false conclusion, please tell me!

Q: Hokay so, I just purchased a “Partnership”, am I now a partner in your company? Do I have voting rights now? 
A: While I wish I could give each an every one of you all of that and more, I think we all know that it would get so amazingly complicated that nothing would likely get done. With that in mind, purchasing a Partnership is similar to purchasing a product quid pro quo. I receive money and guidance, you receive the agreed upon benefits (outlined in detail on the Collective home page and the Terms of Use page). It doesn’t have any legal bearing on any company that I may own or any legal voting rights in those companies. What it means exactly is that you have a true voice in my direction as a musician. I will often post questions to The Collective Forum, where you can weigh in on such things as where I should tour, the order of the songs on my albums, etc…I know that my success largely depends on your support and guidance, so I will truly be taking your collective voice seriously. For more questions on legal matters and stuff along those lines, check out my Terms of Useand Privacy Policy pages!

Q: I am a famous reporter from a famous newspaper/magazine/radio show/TV show, and I’d like to do a piece about this project and give you lots of free publicity. Would that be all right?
A: Ummmm, yes please! Simply email PR@jamiekent.com and we’ll set something up. Even if you’re not all that famous. Even if you have a crazy idea for something mischievous…

Q: I also happen to book for this awesome College/Festival/Performance space. Might you be looking to play a show at our venue?
A: Why yes! I just so happen to love playing live music, both acoustic and with my full band, and would love to play your venue. Just email my agent at booking@jamiekent.com and we’ll make it happen.

Q: Who designed this snazzy website anyway?
A: Ahem…yeah… this guy (proceeds to direct both of his thumbs towards his chest)! I’m not going to lie, it’s taken me an ungodly amount of hours to make this bad boy. I am not tech savvy, and there could likely be a million and one flaws in it. So if you find one, be so kind as to let me know? Awesome. Oh, and I really do have to give credit to Section101.com, who made the redesign of my website way easier than I expected!

Q: Who produced/engineered these awesome tracks?
A: Yeah they’re pretty awesome, ey? I owe that brilliance to Wes Talbot of Music Media Productions on the albums Neoteny/Navagation, and to Joshua Meltzer on my new EP, "Embers & Ashes".

Q: I have another question, and it’s not on your list. What’s up with that?
A: Don’t worry, we got you. Just email info@jamiekent.com and we’ll answer it. Or give it our best go.