Ain\'t No Jesus
Ain\'t No Jesus
Single (2018)
Ain't No Jesus

Give yourself a listen to Jamie's critically acclaimed new record, All American Mutt!! Having debuted at #16 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart, this record is only availble to stream for free on this website, so feel free to spend as much time here as you'd like! And if you'd like to support the journey even more, purchase a *Signed CD* or *Digital Download* today!! 

All American Mutt - Exclusive Stream
All American Mutt - Exclusive Stream
All American Mutt
Look Up
Last Call
Home Again
Be Your Man
Red Rover
Sheila (feat Huey Lewis)
Embrace the Disaster
Will You Go Out With Me?
Will You Go Out With Me?
EP (2017)
...Baby One More Time
I'll Make Love To You
Tearin' Up My Heart
Embers & Ashes EP
Embers & Ashes EP
EP (2014)
Broke, Not Broken
Still A Dream
Prince Of Pain
Ain't No Jesus Credits
ANJ Credits Body

Produced by: Jamie Kent

Written by: Jamie Kent & Ellis Paul 

Engineered and mixed at the Bomb Shelter by: Drew Carroll

Mastered by: John Baldwin

Photography: Glenn Sweitzer of Fresh Design

Artwork Design: Bonnie St. Martin of Mind(full) Marketing

Drums and Percussion: Dan Holmes

Bass: Rhees Williams

Electric Guitar: Jules Belmont

Piano: Greg Herndon

B3 Organ: Josh Shultz

Acoustic guitar: Jamie Kent

All American Mutt Credits


Produced by: Dave Brainard


The Band:

Jamie Kent- Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar on all tracks. Electric guitar on Embrace The Disaster.

Rhees Williams- Electric and Upright Bass (all tracks). Backing vocals on All American Mutt and Last Call 

Dan Holmes- Drums/percussion on All American Mutt, Safe, Last Call, Diamond, and Red Rover. Backing Vocals on All American Mutt and Last Call. 

Marco Giovino- Drums/percussion on Look Up, Sheila, Home Again, Be Your Man, and Embrace The Disaster.

Dave Brainard- Electric Guitar on Home Again, Mandolin on Last Call, Ganjo on Be Your Man, and all programming.

Killian Karlsson- Electric Guitar on All American Mutt, Last Call, Red Rover, and Diamond. Electric Banjo on Safe.

Tim Lauer, John Deaderick- Piano, B3, Accordion and Keyboards.

Ross Holmes- Fiddle and Strings on Safe, Red Rover, and Embrace The Disaster. 

Matt Menefee- Banjo and Dobro on All American Mutt, Safe, and Diamond. 

Sweepy Walker- Harmonica on All American Mutt, Look Up, and Home Again.


Special Guests:


Huey Lewis- Harmonica (Sheila)


The “Sports Section Horns” (Sheila):

Johnny Colla - tenor saxes

Johnnie Bamont - baritone sax

Marvin McFadden - trumpet


John Cowan- Backing Vocals (Home Again)


Ellis Paul- Backing vocals (Safe)

Matthew Szlachetka- Backing vocals (Be Your Man and Sheila) and Electric Guitar (Sheila)

Michaela Anne - Lead vocals (Red Rover)

Jason Afable- Backing vocals (Diamond)

Alyssa Bonagura- Backing vocals (Embrace The Disaster)

Ray Scott- Backing vocals (Be Your Man)

Bonnie St. Martin- Cowbell (Last Call)


The Writers:


Jamie Kent- All Songs

Dave Brainard- All American Mutt, Look Up, and Home Again

Tim Jackson- All American Mutt, and Home Again

Matthew Szlachetka- Be Your Man and Sheila

Jason Afable- Safe and Diamond

Jeff Silbar- Sheila

Michaela Anne- Red Rover

Julie Delgado- Embrace The Disaster

Will Thompson- Home Again


Tracked by Brian Kolb at Sound Emporium and Grand Victor Sound, Nashville TN

Assisted by Mike Stankiewicz and Gena Johnson, respectively 


Additional Tracking and Editing by Dave Brainard and Jordan Rigby at deciBel Studios, Nashville TN


Mixed by Jordan Rigby at deciBel Studios, Nashville TN


Album Artwork Design: Glenn Sweitzer at Fresh Design

Photography: Lyndon Jackson


Copyright 2016 Road Dog Records - Road Warrior Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.


Embers & Ashes Credits


Produced by- Joshua Meltzer and Jamie Kent

Executive Producers- Isabelle and Steven Bushong

Mixed and Mastered by- Danny Bernini and Joshua Meltzer at Spirithouse Studios

All songs written by Jamie Kent

Except “Bonfire” written by J. Kent / A. Young

All songs Published by LlamaTuMama Publishing (ASCAP)

Album Artwork created by Kris Lynds

Photography by Benjamin Rosser

Huge thanks to my Mom and Dad, Bonnie, The Collective, Josh, Rhees, Dan, Zack, Killian, Wes, Brendan, Etan, Jan, Sara, Lynn, Kris, all of the amazing campaign contributors, and each of you that buys this CD and continues to support independent music.


Broke, Not Broken

Jamie Kent- Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Joshua Meltzer- Bass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals,

Quinn- Drums

Cisco De Luna- Lap Steel

Still A Dream

Jamie Kent- Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Rhees Williams- Upright Bass

Joshua Meltzer- Piano, Pads, Backing Vocals

Cisco De Luna- Lap Steel, Accordion


Jamie Kent- Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Rhees Williams- Bass

Joshua Meltzer-Pads, Synth, Banjo, Electric Guitar

Quinn-Drums and Percussion

Heather Maloney- Backing Vocals (courtesy of Signature Sounds Records)

Prince of Pain

Jamie Kent- Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Rhees Williams- Bass, Backing Vocals

Joshua Meltzer- Banjo, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Rhodes, Percussion

Dan Holmes-Drums

Cisco De Luna- Dobro, Lap Steel, Accordion